Fever Ray reveals new live album Live at Troxy: Stream

Recorded during Karin Dreijer's March 2018 concert in London

stream fever ray live at the troxy album new
Fever Ray, photo by Kimberley Ross

    Today, Fever Ray celebrates the release of their new live album, Live at Troxy. Stream it in full below via Apple Music or Spotify.

    The new project was recorded Spring 2018 at London’s Troxy venue during Karin Dreijer’s first tour in eight years. As with that whole trek, the concert boasted unique stage production and design, inspired by the themes of Fever Ray’s long-awaited Plunge album. A statement explains,

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    “Dreijer was adamant about working with as many women or non-binary people as a male-dominated music and live industry would allow. Dreijer invited five other performers to collaborate with them on the production and design of the show. Five out of the six performers involved are around 40 years old and four of them have children, evidence of Dreijer’s commitment to challenging perceived norms not just around gender, but age, sexuality and motherhood too – all themes found on Plunge.”

    Mikaela Hansson (keyboardist/accordion), Helena Gutarra vocalist/guitarist), and Maryam Nikandish (vocalist/keytar) were among the performers who accompanied Dreijer on the tour.


    Not long after the famed “Fever Ray Troxy” show, Dreijer, who was once one half of The Knife, was forced to cancel their remaining tour dates. Dreijer cited the cause for the cancellation as their own struggles with anxiety and panic attacks.

    Live at Troxy Artwork:


    Live at Troxy Tracklist:
    01. An Itch
    02. Part of Us
    03. When I Grow Up
    04. Mustn’t Hurry
    05. This Country
    06. Falling
    07. Wanna Sip
    08. I’m Not Done
    09. Red Trails
    10. Concrete Walls
    11. To the Moon and Back
    12. Triangle Walks
    13. IDK About You
    14. Keep the Streets Empty
    15. If I Had a Secret
    16. Mama’s Hand