Ozzy Osbourne announces career-spanning See You on the Other Side vinyl box set

Here's hoping it lives up to the incredible infomercial starring Zakk Wylde

Ozzy Osbourne See You on the Other Side Box Set
Ozzy Osbourne’s See You on the Other Side Box Set

    Ozzy Osbourne is collecting his solo discography in a new comprehensive vinyl box set, See You On the Other Side, which will arrive this fall. The decadent set retails for $499.99 and includes 16 albums across 24 pieces of wax, including B-sides, live albums, and numerous goodies.

    The box, which comes out November 29th, includes every studio album from 1980’s Blizzard of Ozz through 2010’s Scream, as well as the Tribute, Live & Loud, and Live at Budokan live albums, the Mr. Crowley and Just Say Ozzy EPs, a new B-side LP of non-album tracks, and a 7-inch flexi-disc that includes an unreleased version of the track “See You On the Other Side”. Additionally, Live at Budokan will see its first vinyl press in this box set, and No More Tears will be spread across 2 LPs for the first time. The only thing missing is the Speak of the Devil live album from 1982, which includes only songs originally by Black Sabbath and no original Ozzy solo material.

    “This one’s the most elaborate collection so far,” Ozzy said in a press release. “It’s very well thought-out and well put together. It’s got everything in there that you possibly could want and some surprises along the way. The sound of a vinyl record is different, and I do believe that vinyl sounds better.”

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    In addition to the massive amount of vinyl, the set also houses 10 posters — one for each studio album — measuring 24″ x 36″, an Ozzy autographed vellum certificate, and 12 “augmented reality triggers” inside the box set that lead to “rare live performances and exclusive video content.”

    Pre-orders are currently available here. Check out the hilarious infomercial for the box set featuring guitarist Zakk Wylde, as well as the list of vinyl included and the B-side LP tracklist, below.


    See You on the Other Side Box Set Contents:
    Blizzard of Ozz, 1980
    Mr. Crowley (EP), 45 RPM, 1980
    Diary of a Madman, 1981
    Bark At the Moon, 1983
    The Ultimate Sin, 1986
    Tribute (2 LPs), 1987
    No Rest for the Wicked, 1988
    Just Say Ozzy (EP), 1990
    No More Tears, 1991
    Live & Loud (3 LPs), 1993
    Ozzmosis (2 LPs), 1995
    Down To Earth, 2001
    Live At Budokan, (2 LPs) 2002
    Black Rain (2 LPs), 2007
    Scream (2 LPs), 2010
    Flippin’ The B Side (new collection)
    “See You On the Other Side (Demo)” 7-inch flexi-disc (45 RPM)


    Flippin’ The B Side LP Tracklist:

    Side A
    01. You Looking At Me Looking At You (Originally from the “Crazy Train” UK 7″ single, 1980)
    02. One Up the B Side (Originally from “Bark At The Moon” 7″ single, 1983)
    03. Spiders (Originally from “Bark At The Moon,” 7″ single, 1983)
    04. Hero (Originally a hidden track from the “No Rest For The Wicked” US CD and cassette release, 1988)
    05. The Liar (Originally from the “Miracle Man” UK 12″ single, 1988)
    06. Don’t Blame Me” (Originally from the “Mama I’m Coming Home” UK 7″ single, 1991)

    Side B
    01. Party With the Animals (Originally from the “Mama I’m Coming Home” US CD single, 1992)
    02. Living With the Enemy (Originally from the “Perry Mason” UK CD single, 1995)
    03. Voodoo Dancer (Originally from the “I Just Want You” UK CD single, 1996)
    04. Back on Earth (Originally from “The Ozzman Cometh” compilation, 1997)
    05. No Place for Angels (Originally from the “Gets Me Through” CD single, 2001)
    06. Walk on Water (Originally released on “Prince of Darkness,” 2005)


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