Ex-Suffocation frontman Frank Mullen sings “Entrails of You” at his own wedding reception: Watch

The pioneering growler celebrated his matrimony death-metal style

Suffocation legend Frank Mullen at his wedding reception
Frank Mullen at his wedding reception, via Facebook

    Former Suffocation vocalist Frank Mullen is often cited as one of the first to adopt the low growl vocal style synonymous with death metal. Mullen left the band last year to concentrate on acting and family, but he hasn’t lost his abilities, as proven by his performance of the band’s 2006 song, “Entrails of You”, at his own wedding reception in front of his former bandmates. See the love unfold in the video below.

    With its filthy romantic lyrical couplets — “You are so beautiful/ I bathe myself in the entrails of you/ Submerge myself in your blood and wear your flesh/ You are so f**king beautiful” — it’s clear why Mullen pulled out this brutal ballad for his new spouse, as only one of the finest death metal vocalists could.

    It was a proper metal-themed wedding, with attendees receiving “backstage” lanyard passes featuring the names “Frank & Natalie” in Suffocation’s classic font.


    Mullen reunited with Suffocation for a Japanese tour this year before relinquishing his role as frontman to Ricky Myers, who previously stood in on vocal duties whenever Mullen was absent over the past few years.

    We’re glad to see Mullen’s still got it and wish him the best in his married life.