CupcakKe is “Grilling N*ggas” on new track: Stream

Chicago MC goes hard with references to Shrek, Lizzo, and Super Mario

Cupcakke grilling niggas new song stream

    CupcakKe is known for her unapologetically raunchy lyrics, but sometimes that can mask the lyrical wit she actually packs into her bars. Her newest track, “Grilling N*ggas”, eschews her usual lewdness for lines that put the spotlight on her fierceness.

    An in-your-face bumper with a beat that’s no more than a sparse drum machine and a few stalking piano notes, “Grilling N*ggas” doesn’t waste time on a hook. Instead, it finds CupcakKe dropping in hard with a furious unloading of references and cleaver rhymes. “First class only when I’m not on the jet/ All the white folks keep breakin’ they neck,” she spits. “They tryna see if I’m blacker than thread but I’m covered in green, they like ‘Look, it’s Shrek!'” She also tucks in nods to Lizzo, Super Mario Bros., Maury, and even Dora the Explorer.

    Take a listen to the whole thing below.

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    “Grilling N*ggas” is just the latest in a string of songs CupcakKe has dropped this year. There’s also been “Whoregasm”, “Ayesha”, “Bird Box”, and her Lil Nas X remix “Old Town Hoe”. You can hear all these songs live and get a chance to walk away with stacks of cash by catching her on “The 10k Tour”, during which she’s giving one fan $10,000 every night. Get your lotto ticket here.



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