Bale and Damon spar verbally and physically in new trailer for Ford v Ferrari: Watch

It's James Mangold's first film since the genre-changing Logan in 2017

Ford v Ferrari Matt Damon Christian Bale James Mangold New Trailer
Christian Bale and Matt Damon in Ford v Ferrari

    Everyone’s taking it personally in the latest trailer of Ford v Ferrarithe new racing drama from Logan director James Mangold. One of our most-anticipated directorial follow-ups of the year, Ford v Ferrari tells the true story of the 1966 24 Hours Of Le Mans, a grand prix race in which fast cars went surprisingly fast — oh, and American upstart Ford took on Italian powerhouse Ferrari.

    The history goes that Henry Ford II initially tried to buy Ferrari before the race, but talks broke down. In the new trailer, the moment is dramatized as Ford (the great playwright Tracy Letts) asks “What did he say?” An aide replies, “He said Ford makes ugly little cars in ugly little factories. He also called you fat, sir.” So Ford did what any of us would do, which is leverage the massive resources of his father’s company to settle a personal grudge.

    To do this he enlists a brilliant American engineer Carroll Shellby (Matt Damon) who in turn tracks down the prickly driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale). It should be a treat to watch these veterans trade blows, and not least because Bale is doing something close to his real accent, and Damon has a gift for playing men named Carol. Shellby and Miles are introduced when Miles punches Shellby in the face. As the trailer proceeds the men verbally spar as well, and seem to have natural comic chemistry. Oh, and did we mention that fast cars go fast?


    Ford v Ferrari races into theaters November 15th from 20th Century Fox. In his mildly positive review, our own Joe Lipsett praised Bale’s performance and insisted that the historical drama will undoubtedly be your father’s new favorite film.

    Check out the new trailer below.



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