Stephen King and Joe Hill’s In The Tall Grass trailer teases some fantastical nature horror: Watch

The latest adaptation of the Master of Horror hits Netflix on October 4th

In the Tall Grass (Netflix)

    Netflix has shared the first trailer for its forthcoming adaptation of In the Tall Grass. Based on the 2009 horror novella by Stephen King and his son Joe Hill, the story follows two siblings who venture into the titular foliage to find all kinds of horror.

    Director Vincenzo Natali appears to have captured the inescapable tension of the original story, which isn’t too surprising given that he helmed the similarly claustrophobic sci-fi rental Cube. His talents fortunately are not lost here at all.

    As you’ll see below, Patrick Wilson is more or less the biggest star of the film, and color us impressed. After the star-studded affair that was It: Chapter Two, it’ll be nice to see something a little more scaled back again. We also love a good small story (see: 1922).



    The film premieres this week at Austin’s Fantastic Festival ahead of its October 4th release via Netflix. Stay tuned for senior writer Dan Caffrey’s review, and subscribe to The Losers’ Club, a weekly King cast that will cover this film in the weeks ahead.

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