John Carpenter announces Halloween: Expanded Edition score

Featuring 28 additional minutes of music and sound cues from the blockbuster reboot

John Carpenter announces Halloween Expanded Edition

    Michael Myers won’t return to theaters until next October for Halloween Kills. However, John Carpenter has plenty of tricks and treats for you this season. The Master of Horror has just announced an expanded edition of his score to last year’s blockbuster reboot.

    Featuring 28 additional minutes of music from the film, a press release insists this new edition offers “a more complete, immersive listening experience” by adding a total of 24 cues that are spread across two more sides of vinyl on the deluxe double LP version.

    In addition to brand new artwork, which you can preview below, the vinyl itself will be released in a litany of iterations. We’ve gone ahead and listed them all for you below. Personally, we’re partial to the Bull Moose exclusive ourselves, but hey, we like spooky.

    — Main Version: LP1 Orange / LP2 Black – 7500 copies
    — Red & Yellow Flicker (Vinyl Me Please Exclusive)  – 500 copies
    — Neon Orange (F.Y.E. Exclusive) – 500 copies
    — Pool of Blood (Bull Moose Exclusive) – 400 copies
    — Orange-in-Clear inset w/ Black Splatter (Newbury Comics Exclusive) – 500 copies
    — Orange w/ Black Splatter (Waxwork Exclusive) – 1000 copies
    — Glow in the Dark Splatter (SB Mailorder Exclusive) – 1000 copies
    — Blue w/ Red Splatter (Sacred Bones Record Society Exclusive) – 150 copies
    — Orange & Silver Starburst (Discogs Exclusive) – 500 copies


    This vinyl comes home on October 18th via Sacred Bones. Until then, revisit our Composer of the Year interview with Carpenter from last December, in which he confirmed he’ll be back for more sequels, and also stream our podcast review of the new film below.

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    Halloween: Expanded Edition Artwork:

    Halloween: Expanded Edition

    Halloween: Expanded Edition Tracklist:
    01. Intro (1:15)
    02. Aaron Meets Michael (2:39)
    03. Halloween Theme (3:02)
    04. Laurie’s Theme (0:45)
    05. Aaron and Dana Enter Laurie’s Compound (1:03)
    06. Laurie’s Past (1:07)
    07. Prison Montage (2:47)
    08. Laurie Breaks Down (1:26)
    09. Karen’s Flashback (0:43)
    10. Lumpy Explores Crash (0:35)
    11. Michael Kills (0:34)
    12. Hawkins Arrives at Crash Site (1:30)
    13. Dana’s in the Shower
    14. The Story of Judith’s Death
    15. The Gas Station
    16. Michael Kills Again
    17. Gas Station Aftermath
    18. The Shape Returns
    29. The Boogeyman
    20. The Shape Kills
    21. Hawkins Called to Babysitter’s House
    22. Laurie Sees the Shape
    23. Babysitter Aftermath
    24. Sartain Meets Laurie
    25. Looking for Allyson
    26. Wrought Iron Fence
    27. The Shape Hunts Allyson
    28. Talking to Cops
    29. Allyson Discovered
    30. Gun Closet
    31. Halloween Theme (I’ve Got Eyes)
    32. Sartain’s Gone Mad
    33. Say Something
    34. Through the Woods
    35. Ray’s Goodbye
    36. The Shape Attacks Laurie
    37. The Shape is Monumental
    38. Searching for the Shape
    39. Mannequin Panic
    40. Death Drum
    41. The Shape and Laurie Fight
    42. The Grind
    43. Trap the Shape
    44. The Shape Burns
    45. Halloween Triumphant