Lou Reed lyric book gets reissue with intros from Martin Scorsese and Laurie Anderson

I'll Be Your Mirror: Collected Lyrics has been out of print for several years

Lou Reed I'll Be Your Mirror lyric book reissue
Lou Reed

    Lou Reed’s book I’ll Be Your Mirror: Collected Lyrics has been out of print for several years. Later this fall, a new edition will finally be released. The reissue comes from Faber & Faber and features all new introductions from Martin Scorsese, James Atlas, and Reed’s widow, Laurie Anderson.

    I’ll Be Your Mirror takes its title from a song by The Velvet Underground and Nico. Spanning decades, the book collects lyrics from Reed’s beginnings with The Velvet Underground through his extensive solo career. The expanded reissue will also include lyrics from Reed’s last album, the Metallica collaboration Lulu.

    A special edition of the book limited to 250 copies will also be made available. In addition to a handsome black slip cover and glossy paper, owners of the limited edition will get a “facsimile pamphlet” of handwritten lyrics to Reed’s 1974 song “Sally Can’t Dance”.


    I’ll Be Your Mirror arrives November 7th, and you can pre-order it now. Take a look at the book cover below.

    Lou Reed I'll Be Your Mirror The Collected Lyrics book cover

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