Cartman separates Kyle’s family in season 23 premiere teaser: Watch

The first episode will apparently target ICE and Donald Trump's family separation policy

south park ice detention mexican joker preview
South Park’s “Mexican Joker” episode

    South Park will tackle Donald Trump’s controversial family separation policy in this week’s season 23 premiere.

    In a preview clip of the episode titled “Mexican Joker”, ICE agents storm into the Broflovski household. Kyle and adopted Canadian brother Ike are then separated from their parents, who are arrested for supposedly harboring an illegal immigrant. The officials reportedly were tipped off anonymously, though we find out the snitch is — who else? — Eric Cartman, who is seen snickering away while watching the whole raid go down.

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    Since Trump’s troubling immigration policy has gone into effect, about 1,000 migrant children have been taken away from their families. At least six have died while being held captive in “squalid” detention centers.


    Season 23 premieres Wednesday (September 25th) on Comedy Central. The TV network recently renewed the long-running animated series another three seasons, meaning South Park will be on the air at least through 2022.