Tekashi 6ix9ine Spills Everything About His Former Gang, Names Cardi B in Testimony [Updated]

The troubled rapper also admits to ordering a hit on Chief Keef


Tekashi 6ix9ine’s courtroom sketch by Elizabeth Williams

    Tekashi 6ix9ine spent much of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday on the stand delivering ample testimony against his former crew members in the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. With a lack of reserve that is any prosecutor’s dream, the rapper, born Daniel Hernandez, has revealed piles of information about numerous gang activities and affiliations.

    To recap, 6ix9ine had been associated with the Nine Treys since the onset of his career, tapping alleged high-ranking member Kifano “Shotti” Jordan as his manager. (Jordan pleaded guilty to a pair of firearm charges earlier this year and will spend 15 years in prison.) After a series of incidents, including financial disputes and an infamous brawl at LAX, 6ix9ine fired many of the Nine Treys on his crew. In retaliation, members of the gang allegedly kidnapped, robbed, and beat the rapper in July 2018. Update: The Southern District of New York has released video of 6ix9nine’s alleged kidnapping.

    By November, he had completely severed all ties with Nine Treys, but it was too late; federal authorities executed sweeping warrants, arresting 6ix9ine and other gang affiliates on numerous charges related to racketeering, firearm possession, drug trafficking, and conspiracy to commit murder. Facing 47 years to life in prison, 6ix9ine pleaded guilty and copped a plea deal — something he’s done a handful of times before.


    Taking the stand in a Manhattan federal court on Tuesday, 6ix9ine said he had agreed to cooperate with the prosecution within 24 hours of being arrested. He also claimed he was never initiated into the gang himself, though considered himself a member. Instead, he was offered protection and “street cred” in exchange for a cut of his profits. According to TMZ, if 6ix9ine received a $250,000 payday, he’d hand $65,000 to the Nine Treys. Publicizing that affiliation and cultivating his brash persona on the Internet was all part of a ploy to create a profitable image.

    “That’s what people liked,” he said (via The New York Times). “It was just a formula, a blueprint that I found that worked.”

    6ix9ine testified against Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack and Anthony “Harv” Ellison, both of whom he identified as the Nine Trey members who had kidnapped him last summer. He also pointed out a number of other gangsters in his video for “GUMMO”, which was played in court. According to 6ix9ine, his former manager Chris Ehigiator introduced him to fellow rapper and Nine Trey member Seqo Billy in the summer of 2017. It was this association that led to the gang members appearing in the “GUMMO” clip, and 6ix9ine’s meeting Shotti.


    What’s more, he admitted “GUMMO” was a diss track directed against Trippie Red — whom he identified as a member of a rival Bloods unit along with Casanova. “Me and Trippie Redd were signed to the same label,” explained 6ix9ine (via HipHopDX). “There was a lot of jealousy involved… We had a song together, it was successful. Then jealously, we got into online disputes.

    At some point, 6ix9ine told Shotti he wanted something done about Trippie, and the manager arranged an attack at Trippie’s hotel. 6ix9ine tagged along, but remained in the car. According to 6ix9ine, Ellison punched Trippie in the mouth during the assault, and that’s when 6ix9ine brought him on as his bodyguard.

    On Wednesday, 6ix9ine detailed how his relationship with the Nine Treys soured. It began in March 2018, after 6ix9ine had booked a gig in Austin, Texas without checking with Rap-A-Lot Records. The label runs dominion over Texas, and 6ix9ine testified that “Rap-A-Lot heavies” blocked his entrance into the venue. As a result, the show was canceled and the rapper lost between $10k and $15k (via TMZ). Ellison got angry with Shotti for not standing up to the rival label, which led 6ix9ine to fire him. Ellison’s alleged revenge was the kidnapping and beating a few months later.


    6ix9ine went on to say Rap-A-Lot head J. Prince happened to be in New York City a month after the Austin incident. 6ix9ine testified that he rode in the vehicle with Shotti and more Nine Trey members when they went to enact their payback. Shotti and the others robbed Rap-A-Lot representatives in the hotel lobby while 6ix9ine filmed from the car. Footage of the crime was played in court.

    6ix9ine has also admitted to calling for a hit on Chief Keef in June of 2018. Earlier this year, 6ix9ine ratted out Kintea McKenzie (aka Kooda B) as having been the trigger man, and now he’s testified to ordering the hit.

    As his testimony continued, 6ix9ine detailed numerous shootings with which he was involved. One involved two men who harrassed him in a NYC restaurant in April 2018. Shotti pistol-whopped the men and fired at their vehicle as they sped off, though he missed. Another involved 6ix9ine’s crew bumping into Casanova’s at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. 6ix9ine was there to walk boxer Adrien Broner into the ring, and when they saw Casanova in the tunnel, a brawl ensued. Shotti ordered one of the Nine Treys to open fire, but no one was hit.


    6ix9ine continued singing on the stand on Thursday, as he outed two more rappers as Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods members: Cardi B and Jim Jones. Cardi herself has admitted to being a Blood in the past, and earlier this year stirred some controversy when she openly said she used to drug men in order to rob them. In his testimony, 6ix9ine identified the “Press” rapper as a Nine Treys member specifically, saying, “I knew who she was. I didn’t pay attention.”

    6ix9ine is expected to be sentenced in January 2020. In exchange for his testimony, prosecutors have agreed to petition for a reduced sentence. There’s also been talk of him entering witness protection, which would seem difficult considering his infamy and particular penchant for face tattoos.

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