If sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something, then a ten-year run as one of the weirdest, most lovable cartoons ever made ought to be a setup for greatness. A year after Pendleton Ward’s Emmy-winning Adventure Time came to an end on Cartoon Network, HBO Max is bringing it back. HBO’s new streaming service has ordered four one-hour Adventure Time specials, to be produced by Cartoon Network Studios. The first two specials will launch with the streaming service in 2020, with the other two arriving at a later date.

Although the adventures of Finn and Jake drove the action of the TV show, the teen boy and his dog will take a backseat when the specials begin. The first entry is called BMO, and follows the fun-loving robot as it tries to stop a space emergency. The second special, Obsidian, stars Princess Bubblebum and Marceline the Vampire Queen. The third special is centered on Peppermint Butler, the candy servant who also practices dark magic, in an episode called Wizard City. Finally, Together Again reunites Finn and Jake for, as the official description puts it, ‘the most important adventure of their lives.”

This is just the latest  volley in the streaming wars, as Netflix and HBO Max scramble to keep up with Disney+. Just in the last three months, HBO Max has landed the rights to Friends, signed a billion-dollar deal for The Big Bang Theory, revived another cartoon with a cult following, The Boondocks, ordered a TV spinoff of Grease, and acquired Studio Ghibli’s whole magical catalogue.