Anna Wise shares the Origins of new track “Count My Blessings” feat. Denzel Curry: Stream

Our Artist of the Month shares the latest track from her upcoming debut, As If It Were Forever

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Anna Wise Origins, Nathan Bajar

    Origins is a recurring new music feature that challenges an artist to reveal some of the influences behind their newest single. Today, Anna Wise discusses her new track “Count My Blessings” featuring Denzel Curry.

    Anna Wise’s debut record, As If It Were Forever, may be a guest-heavy affair, but don’t get it twisted — the project is 100% hers. If anything, the Grammy-winning producer and songwriter’s ability to attract such an impressive list of talent is a testament to why Consequence of Sound has named her our October Artist of the Month. The songs on the October 18th release are her vision, and as she sings on new single “Count My Blessings”, “If you can see it on the way/ Then you know that you can get it on the way.”

    Despite featuring more of collaborator Denzel Curry’s vocals than her own, “Count My Blessings” is unmistakably the work of Wise. The smooth alt-R&B vibes, built on twinkling synths, a shuffling beat, and a bassline that’s as much jazz as funk, feel like the manifestation of a daydream conjured up while overlooking the city on a fire-escape. You can almost feel the gentle kiss of a sheer curtain as it flutter’s in the wind, or hear the gentle rumble of a passing truck. That last one’s not actually our imagination, as Wise made use of some street sounds on the track.


    “County My Blessings” follows As If It Were Forever singles “Nerve” and “Abracadabra” featuring Little Simz. Stream the new song below.

    For more on the sounds, experiences, and tools that led Wise to “Count My Blessings”, she’s revealed some of the song’s Origins below.

    The Vehicles of Brooklyn, NY:

    I lived in a Brooklyn corner apartment for four years, one block away from the fire station and it was LOUD. Fire sirens all day every day, trucks stopping at the red light all night making that whoosh sound they make, construction sites, cars in traffic honking at each other and little snippets of conversation would make their way into my ears every day. Eventually, these sounds turned into a symphony, the soundtrack to my life. They began to interact with the music I was making; “Count My Blessings” contains many of those sounds, mostly on purpose.


    Birthday Parties:

    Anna Wise Denzel Curry Count my Blessings song originsDenzel Curry and I share the same birthday. When we got together to make some music, I wanted the song we shared to feel like a birthday party. Also, I created the initial song idea of “Count My Blessings” with Mndsgn on his day of birth, so there’s all kinds of enter the world magic going on here.

    Counting My Blessings:

    Anna Wise Denzel Curry Count my Blessings song origins counting

    Photo via Pxhere

    This song served as a transformation, and Denzel’s verse is not lost on me. I was caught in a pessimistic mindset for a good chunk of time. I had to unplug from the matrix, unplug from the expectations of success and literally COUNT. MY. BLESSINGS. I believe what you focus on grows, like a little fuzz ball collecting lint, on and on and on, a little at a time. I’m still growing, and always will be learning, but I feel pretty good right now about how disciplined I am with my thoughts. I can observe them and let them pass by. I can see the depression bus pull up, choose not to get on, smile and wave as I watch it drive away.

    Shure Sm58 Microphone:

    Anna Wise Denzel Curry Count my Blessings song origins shure sm58

    I love my microphone and I am very precious about it. I don’t let anyone else put their mouth to it, it only has my energy on it. I recorded the vocals for “Count My Blessings” alone at night, just me and my trusted microphone companion. There’s something lovely about engineering and recording my own vocals. No other thoughts floating around me, all decisions are mine.


    The Power of Visualization:

    The Power of Visualization

    I am enjoying visualizing the outcomes I desire, and making a song about something ensures it will stay on my mind. I like to remind myself that the power of thought and focus, combined with diligent shadow self work, trauma clearing and character sharpening can yield excellent results. If I can see it, I can get it. And so it is.

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