Coldplay will return in November with a new double album called Everyday Life.

The band announced the news in a letter sent to members of its fan club. “One half is called ‘Sunrise’, the other ‘Sunset’. It comes out on November 22nd,” the band writes. “It is sort of how we feel about things.”

A recent report in the UK tabloid The Daily Star described Coldplay’s forthcoming album as “arty” and “experimental” in nature. The Star also claimed that a more “mainstream” record would follow in 2020. It’s unclear whether Coldplay have simply combined these two records into one double release, or if they do indeed have more in store for fans next year.

Presumambly we’ll know more soon, as an official announcement is expected shortly. In anticipation, Coldplay updated their website and social media profiles with new branding. New publicity posters featuring an old-timey photo of the band and the date “November 22nd, 1919” have also been spotted in Berlin London,, Hong Kong, Madrid, Munich, São Paulo, and Sydney. The band also tweeted the image along with a brief snippet of music.


Update: Coldplay have now revealed album’s 16-song tracklist in a classified ad in the Sydney Morning Herald. Additionally, you can hear the first two songs, “Orphans” and “Arabesque”.

Coldplay’s last album, A Head Full of Dreams, came out in December 2015. In the years since then, they’ve released a pair of EPs, 2017’s Kaleidoscope and 2018’s Global Citizen – EP 1, as well the Live in Buenos Aires live album and concert film.