John 5 was rocking the top deck of Megadeth’s MegaCruise on Monday night when his performance caught the attention of the San Diego police force. Apparently, the Rob Zombie guitarist and his band the Creatures violated the city’s noise ordinance, forcing him to cut the outdoor show short. However, that didn’t stop him from finishing the set.

The MegaCruise — which also featured performances from Lamb of God, Anthrax, Queensrÿche, Testament, and others — set sail from Los Angeles on Sunday, and docked at San Diego on Monday. It was while the ship was docked that John 5 and company launched into their nighttime set.

As John 5’s publicist tells us:

“Monday night on MegaCruise, about two-thirds into John 5’s set, the police came a knocking. Basically, there was a noise ordinance, and John 5’s decibels were louder than what is allowed. So, the San Diego police boarded the ship, which was docked and said, ‘If you do not stop playing this music we will arrest the captain.’ At that point John 5 said, ‘Okay, we can’t stop the show — the show must go on, so let’s take the whole show below deck and set up.’ And they did, and John 5 finished the set on the high seas with a high note.”


Without elaborating at the time, John 5 alluded to the incident in a Tweet:

And comedian Don Jamieson, who was also on board and part of the festivities, tweeted:

It’s been an eventful year for John 5. In addition to releasing his own music, he’s been touring with Rob Zombie. He also made a cameo appearance on the finale of the HGTV show A Very Brady Renovation, as one of the guests invited to check out the renovated Brady Bunch house. The guitarist is pals with Susan Olsen (“Cindy Brady”), who voiced characters in John 5’s “Zoinks!” video.


John is now a Brady,” said Olsen of the guitarist. “I’ve adopted him. With such a musical genius, [Brady Bunch band] the Silver Platters could win the next talent contest!”

John 5 kicks off a tour with the Creatures on October 30th in Battle Creek, Michigan. Tickets are available through his website or this location.