Turns out Tom Holland is a hero on and off the screen, as the Spider-Man actor helped resolve Disney and Sony’s brief spat over the future of the franchise.

For a brief period of time over the summer, it appeared as if Spider-Man’s time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe had come to an end. In August, Disney broke off negotiations with Sony after failing to reach agreeable terms regarding the franchise’s financing and profit sharing. A month later, however, the two sides returned to the negotiating table and ultimately agreed to a new deal.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Holland is credited with helping to find a resolution. The 23-year-old actor is said to have “leaned on” Sony chairman Tom Rothman to re-engage with Disney, using his upcoming role in the Sony picture Uncharted as leverage. Simultaneously, Holland reached out to Disney CEO Bob Iger and encouraged him to meet Sony half way.


Holland was particularly struck by the response he received at D23, which came just days after news of Disney and Sony’s split first went public. The young actor was greeted with a standing ovation and responded by thanking fans for their support and quoting fellow Avenger Tony Stark “I love you 3,000.”

Over the course of the following month, Holland made “multiple appeals” to both Rotham and Iger, ultimately setting the stage for renewed negotiations and a new deal. Now, Marvel head Kevin Feige is running creative point on a new Spider-Man film, the third in the series, which is scheduled to hit theaters on July 16th, 2021. Homecoming and Far From Home director Jon Watts is in talks to helm the forthcoming sequel film.