Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has announced a new solo album, and it’s due out in just a matter of weeks.

Titled Cotillions, the effort is marked for a November 22nd release through the artist’s own Martha’s Music Label. The 17-track double-LP is credited to the rocker’s full — and much preferred — name, William Patrick Corgan.

In a detailed Instagram post, Corgan called his Ogilala follow-up a “true labor of love.” Addressing his fans, he added,

“There is a reason I trust you, the people who support me day in and day out, to decide whether or not my efforts are worthy. We live in a different world now, where an artist can speak directly to you without the filter of mass media shaping your heart and opinions before you’ve even had a chance to decide whether this music speaks to you. And this is absolutely an album from my heart.”

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The news doesn’t stop there, either. In the same announcement, Corgan also revealed that a new Smashing Pumpkins album “will be out soon enough.” The alt-rock group’s recent reunion album featuring featuring Jimmy Chamberlin and James Iha, Shiny and Oh So Bright, Vol. 1, hit shelves about 12 months ago.

Corgan will soon launch a solo tour, which will see him perform Pumpkins tracks, stuff from Zwan, and his own solo material, including offerings from Cotillions. Purchase tickets to all of his upcoming concerts here.

Cotillions is available for pre-order now. Below, hear what is presumably a snippet off the new music.

Cotillions Tracklist:
01. To Scatter One’s Own
02. Hard Times
03. Jubilee
04. Fragile, The Spark
05. Cotillions
06. Faithless Darlin’
07. Colosseum
08. Martinets
09. Buffalo Boys
10. Dancehall
11. Cri de Coeur
12. Like Lambs
13. Rider
14. Apologia
15. Neptulius
16. 6+7
17. Anon