Children of Bodom’s Alexi Laiho may have to use different band name for new lineup

The Finnish band recently announced the impending departure of three longtime members

Children of Bodom name change
Children of Bodom, photo by Marek Sabogal

    Children of Bodom frontman Alexi Laiho may not be able to legally retain use of the band name following the recently announced impending departure of three longtime members.

    According to Soundi, the rights to the name “Children of Bodom” are held by AA & Sewira Consulting Oy — a company owned by the departing band members Jaska Raatikainen, Henri Seppälä, and Janne Wirman. They filed an application with the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland back in June, which was granted for a five-year period starting on October 1st. Therefore, Laiho can’t use the name without their permission.

    Whether the departing members will grant that permission remains to be seen. Laiho told Helsingin Sanomat that family reasons and tensions within the band led to eventual dissolution of the current lineup, with disputes coming to a head during a Russian tour last month.


    “The original decision came when the other guys said they just couldn’t do it anymore,” Laiho said. “There were family reasons for it. I respect their decision. … We fought a lot within the band, and I can honestly admit that those fights were mainly my fault. They always started with some misunderstanding.”

    Ultimately, the band decided to play a run of shows next month in their native Finland, culminating with a final show featuring the current lineup on December 15th in Helsinki.

    Laiho went on to say that he is up for adopting a new name, symbolic of Children of Bodom, such as simply “Bodom” or one of the band’s song titles. He and remaining guitarist Daniel Freyberg have apparently already found a new drummer and bassist for the lineup, whom Laiho told Soundi are “incredibly talented young guys who look very good on stage,” and that the lineup could start playing live by next spring.


    On the other hand, Raatikainen, Seppälä, and Wirman have refused to make any further comment, with Wirman telling Soundi that “more information will come once the gigs in Finland have been played.”

    Wirman’s remark is vague, but it does hint at the possibility that two iterations of Children of Bodom could exist.


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