R.E.M. release Monster 25th anniversary box set: Stream

The expanded set boasts previously unreleased demos, new liner notes, and live show performances

R.E.M. Monster 25th Anniversary Box Set

    R.E.M. are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their 1994 album Monster with a new deluxe reissue. You can stream it below via Apple Music or Spotify.

    The impressive six-disc box set contains an array of added material, including 15 previously unreleased demos, along with new liner notes, featuring interviews with the band. Additionally, it comes with a copy of the documentary film Road Movie, which follows the band on their 1995 worldwide “Monster Tour.” The package is tied together with re-envisioned artwork from the record’s original cover artist, Chris Bilheimer.

    The new deluxe version is both expanded, and completely reshaped, including an entirely new remix of Monster, done by the album’s original producer Scott Litt. The updated take focuses on clearing out a bit of the heavier sonic branches of thick guitars and feedback “to create a more open sound and showcase often-revealing lyrics,” a press release states.


    You can find the expanded new edition through online retailers, while Litt’s newly mixed take can also be purchased separately as a standalone double vinyl release.

    The group likely won’t be reforming to tour the album, but keep an eye on frontman Michael Stipe, who recently branched out solo with his track “Your Capricious Soul”.

    Monster (25th Anniversary Reissue) Artwork:


    Monster (25th Anniversary Reissue) Tracklist:
    Disc: 1 – Monster (Remastered)
    01. What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?
    02. Crush With Eyeliner
    03. King Of Comedy
    04. I Don’t Sleep, I Dream
    05. Star 69Strange Currencies
    06. Strange Currencies
    07. Tongue
    08. Bang And Blame
    09. I Took Your Name
    10. Let Me In
    11. Circus Envy
    12. You


    Disc: 2 – Monster (Demos)
    01. Pete’s Hit
    02. Uptempo Mo Distortion
    03. Uptempo Ricky
    04. Harlan County with Whistling
    05. Lost Song
    06. AM Boo
    07. Mike’s Gtr
    08. Sputnik 1 Remix
    09. Black Sky 4-14
    10. Revolution 4-21
    11. Rocker with vocal
    12. Time Is On Mike’s Side
    13. 1Experiment 4-28 no vocal
    14. Highland Fling 4-29
    15. Cranky 4-29

    Disc: 3 – Monster (Remixed)
    01. What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? (2019 Remix)
    02. Crush With Eyeliner (2019 Remix)
    03. King Of Comedy (2019 Remix)
    04. I Don’t Sleep, I Dream (2019 Remix)
    05. Star 69 (2019 Remix)
    06. Strange Currencies (2019 Remix)
    07. Tongue (2019 Remix)
    08. Bang And Blame (2019 Remix)
    09. I Took Your Name (2019 Remix)
    10. Let Me In (2019 Remix)
    11. Circus Envy (2019 Remix)
    12. You (2019 Remix)

    Disc: 4 – Live in Chicago 6/3/95 – Monster 1995 Tour Part 1
    01. What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?
    02. Circus Envy
    03. Crush With Eyeliner
    04. Near Wild Heaven
    05. Welcome To The Occupation
    06. Undertow
    07. I Took Your Name
    08. Strange Currencies
    09. Me In Honey
    10. Revolution
    11. Tongue
    12. Man On The Moon
    13. Country Feedback
    14. Monty Got A Raw Deal


    Disc: 5 – Live in Chicago 6/3/95 – Monster 1995 Tour Part 2
    01. Losing My Religion
    02. You
    03. Departure
    04. Orange Crush
    05. Get Up
    06. Star 69
    07. Let Me In
    08. Everybody Hurts
    09. So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)
    10. Pop Song 89
    11. Its The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

    Disc: 6 Blu-ray
    01. Monster – 5.1 Surround Sound
    02. Monster – Hi-Resolution Audio
    03. Road Movie (concert film)
    04. What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? (music video)
    05. Crush With Eyeliner (music video)
    06. Star 69 (music video)
    07. Strange Currencies (music video)
    08. Tongue (music video)
    09. Bang and Blame (music video)