Kristen Bell joins Weezer in video for Frozen 2 track “Lost in the Woods”: Watch

Featuring frontman Rivers Cuomo pining for a constantly disappearing Bell

Weezer Frozen II Lost In The Woods Kristen Bell Rivers Cuomo 1
Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo and Kristen Bell in the “Lost in the Woods” video

    Alongside the recent debut of Frozen 2 was the release of the film’s hip new soundtrack. The collection features popular modern artists putting their own spin on the musical movie’s numbers, including Weezer’s take on “Lost in the Woods”. Now, the band has shared a music video for the track, starring themselves and Frozen actress Kristen Bell.

    The video begins with frontman Rivers Cuomo dressed in fur-lined clothing, looking forlorn and cloaked in a cartoon purple light some shade between lavender and neon. As the rocker sings through the verses with his signature clean timbre, he keeps an eye out for a fading Bell. Call him Kristoff Cuomo as he pines after the elusive Anna, rocking out with his bandmates to ease his melancholy.

    This is just one of Cuomo’s recent attempt at kid-friendly manner. Last month, he shared “Backflip”, the new theme song for Netflix’s Dr. Seuss-inspired series Green Eggs and Ham. The full band is also making stuff for the adults too, including a new video featuring Adam Levine for “California Snow”, a track written for the comic thriller Spell.

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    Weezer will be heading out on tour in the new year in support of their upcoming LP, Van Weezer, including summer dates for the “Hella Mega Tour” with Green Day and Fall Out Boy. Get those tickets here.

    See the full video for “Lost in the Woods” below.



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