Gorillaz share new single “Momentary Bliss” featuring slowthai and Slaves: Stream

Kicking off the band's new Song Machine project

Gorillaz slowthai slaves momentary bliss song machine
Gorillaz and slowthai

    Yesterday, Gorillaz laid out the game plan for the release of their new audio-visual project, Song Machine. Today, the animated band kicks things off with the series’ first entry in which they debut the new single “Momentary Bliss” featuring slowthai and Slaves.

    As previously reported, Song Machine finds Gorillaz in their own Kong Studios working alongside their new collaborators. In a rare crossover of live action and virtual band, you actually get to see Damon Albarn working alongside Jamie Hewlett’s animated creations. Murdoc is up to his old devious tricks, while Noodle jams with Slaves and dances with Albarn.

    In another treat for fans, Gorillaz have also shared the first mini-episode of “Machine Bitez”, bite-sized conversations between the cartoon band members. The first short finds 2D and Murdoc as bouncing heads discussing how they met their new collaborators.


    The virtual group’s creators, Albarn and Hewlett say they already have a full season of releases ready to go. The chapters will be revealed sporadically “in direct opposition to the usual traditional recording/single/album release cycle,” so keep a close eye out for updates.

    Find the first episode, which finds Gorillaz, slowthai, and Slaves cooking up “Momentary Bliss”, below.