Mitski performs “Townie”, “Dan the Dancer” on Austin City Limits TV: Watch

A pair of web-exclusive performances ahead of Saturday's full episode

Mitski, photo by Scott Newton courtesy of Austin City Limits/Austin PBS

    Last summer, Mitski announced she’d be taking an “indefinite” break from touring. While fans were certainly sad to see her leave the stage, it’s not like she hasn’t earned a respite; the indie favorite released some of the best music of the decade with Be the Cowboy and Puberty 2. For those looking for one more chance to see Mitski perform live, however, they can look froward to her upcoming appearance on Austin City Limits.

    Her episode, which also features Rainbow Kitten Surprise, airs this Saturday, January 18th at 9:00 p.m. ET on PBS. Ahead of the eight-song televised set, ACL is today sharing a pair of web-exclusive performances that won’t be seen on air.

    First up is a visceral rendition of “Townie” from 2014’s attention-grabbing Bury Me at Makeout CreekStarting out behind the upturned white table that’s the centerpiece of her conceptual stage setup, Mitski stalks the stage with eyes glaring like daggers into the crowd. As the song progresses, she begins to loosen her body more and more, a physical representation of the agency reclamation in the lyrics.


    Next comes the Puberty 2 grinder “Dan the Dancer”, which Mitski delivers entirely from atop the aforementioned table. She lays down on her stomach, stretches, kneels, and kicks her legs — all rigid, deliberate movements that perfectly demonstrate Mitski’s singular performance style.

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    Of course, that might just make you miss Mitski’s touring days even more. For now, though, let’s take solace in the fact that this incredible performance has been beautifully captured on film to wonder at on demand. Watch Mitski’s web-exclusive ACL videos below, and stay tuned for the full episode this weekend.


    Currently in the midst of its 45th season, Austin City Limits will continue this month with upcoming appearances from Cage the Elephant, Billie Eilish, Rosalía, and more.