New year, new decade, new films, right? Sure. Every January, another calendar of movies gets slapped down, and we all sit there and decide what we think’s worth seeing in theaters, what’s worth saving for later, and what’s worth skipping altogether.

    It’s all very cyclical, especially nowadays in the age of commodification. Once more, there will be blockbusters, there will be sequels, there will be comic book movies, there will be remakes, there will be reboots, and there will be blood … in more horror movies.

    Beyond that, you’ll have some indie darlings trying to hit the mainstream, last year’s veteran filmmakers will tap in this year’s veteran filmmakers, and the dance continues. You could almost plug and play each and every one of them, come to think about it.


    Even so, we’re particularly jazzed about this year’s rotation: We’re getting some aquatic horror early on. Paul Thomas Anderson is going back to the ’70s. Christopher Nolan returns to melt our minds. Damon and Affleck are reuniting. Hell, Wonder Woman’s in the ’80s.

    Where you will be? Find out below.

    –Michael Roffman