Liturgy Unveil Video for New Song “Pasaqalia II”: Stream

The avant-metal band's 2019 album H.A.Q.Q. will receive a physical release on May 15th

Liturgy Pasaqalia II video
Liturgy’s Hunter Hunt-Hendrix

    Experimental metal band Liturgy are back with “Pasaqalia II”, a reworking of the track “Pasaqalia” from the band’s 2019 opus H.A.Q.Q.

    Re-imagining “Pasaqalia” using the original stems, “Pasaqalia II” continues Liturgy’s artistic shift toward free-form sonic exploration. The song is more indebted to glitchy electronica and old-school Memphis rap than black metal. It also marks a return to the vocal style the group’s conceptual mastermind Hunter Hunt-Hendrix employed on 2015’s The Ark Work.

    According to Hunt-Hendrix, the new song is a “digital aria” that fits into their ongoing “multimodal” opera “The OIOION Cycle” — the first installation of which was the live performance of the “Origin of the Alimonies” opera last year in L.A.


    Each new track and opera performance further fleshes out Hunt-Hendrix’s mysterious art-philosophy project for “The OIOION Cycle”. The overarching concept incorporates the music of Liturgy as well as Hunt-Hendrix’s own essays and artwork, such as the self-shot video for “Pasaqalia II” and the H.A.Q.Q. album itself.

    H.A.Q.Q. is set to receive a physical release on LP on May 15th via Hunt-Hendrix’s label YLYLCYN. Before that, Liturgy will head on a short North American tour in April, with tickets available here.

    Watch the video for “Pasaqalia II” below.