Matt Reeves Reveals The Batman’s Batsuit in Screen Test Video: Watch

Our first look at Robert Pattinson as The Dark Knight

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The Batman

    A man of flesh and blood can be ignored, can be destroyed. But as a symbol, he can be incorruptible. We now have our first look at what the symbol will look like in Matt Reeves’ forthcoming The Batman, as the filmmaker has revealed the batsuit Robert Pattinson will don in the movie.

    Reeves shared a screen test video of the suit, giving fans their first hint at the Caped Crusader’s new duds. It’s hard to tell if it’s actually Pattinson under that cowl, but the chin certainly looks familiar.

    Either way, it’s the details fans are really going to geek out over At the center of a sturdy looking chest plate is a metal bat-symbol that looks positively mechanic, as if there’s some action it could take. The armor itself looks very rich-man-in-a-garage crafted with many interlocking plates, as opposed to the high-tech protective suit from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.


    The cape and mask are particularly interesting, with what appears to be stitching visible on the latter, as if it’s more of a leather piece than a helmet. Meanwhile, that’s the highest collar we’ve seen on a live-action Batman outside of the Mech Suit from Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeThose two features together feel somewhat reminiscent of the outfit artist Mike Mignola created for the 1989 steampunk one-shot Batman: Gotham by Gaslight with writer Brian Augustyn.

    That actually would make some sense for The Batman, as Reeves has long touted the film’s focus on the hero’s title of World’s Greatest Detective. In fact, TheWrap reports that insiders claim the story will find Bruce Wayne in just his second year as the Dark Knight.

    See what you think of the new batsuit for yourself by checking out the video below.

    The Batman is set to swarm into theaters on June 25th, 2021. Reeves’ script is packed with members of Batman’s iconic Rogues’ Gallery, and the film has an A-list group of talent bringing them to the screen. Casting reported thus far includes Colin Farrell as The Penguin, Paul Dano as The Riddler, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, and John Turturro as Carmine Falcone. Also starring in the movie are Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon, Peter Sarsgaard as Gotham District Attorney Gil Colson, and Andy Serkis as Bruce Wayne’s trusted butler, Alfred. If the movie fails like the last attempt at a Batman franchise did, at least Pattinson will always have arthouse porn to fall back on.