Hush Masterfully Blends Tension and Empowerment

The Horror Virgin battles a masked killer in this unique home invasion thriller

Hush - The Horror Virgin

    “Once he is in this house, it is over. He is bigger, stronger, and faster. And he’s got the advantage. He can hear you.”

    We’re writing a novel in a secluded podloft in the woods, but we can’t seem to find the right ending. Each scenario just raises more questions. For example, why would you name a cat Bitch? How do you work a crossbow? Does Mike Flanagan have a vendetta against hands?

    Join The Horror Virgin as we conclude Women in Horror month with Hush. We talk about empathy for diverse characters, writing backwards on windows, and when to define your relationship. Jenn relates to Maddie’s imposter syndrome, Todd is blown away by the performances, and Mickey loves the home decor.

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