Brian and Roger Eno Release New Album Mixing Colours: Stream

The brothers' first collaborative effort as a duo

Brian Roger Eno Mixing Colours album stream
Brian Eno and Roger Eno, photo via Deutsche Grammophon

    Brian Eno and Roger Eno have today released Mixing Colours, the brothers’ first-ever album as a duo following decades of collaborations. Stream the ambient collection below via Spotify and Apple Music.

    Though not originally intended to be gathered together on an LP, the 18-tracks on Mixing Colours began coming together 15 years ago. Roger would send Brian compositions he was working on as MIDI files, which the elder sibling would then manipulate to find new moods. Those moods were then given color names — “comparable to those often attached to abstract paintings,” according to a press release — and the album was formed.

    In a statement, Roger commented on the natural collaborative process. “We weren’t directing this towards an end result – it was like a back-and-forth conversation we were having over a 15-year period,” he explained. “The idea for a full album emerged as the number of pieces continued to increase. It’s something that neither of us could have arrived at alone.”


    Stream the Eno brothers’ Mixing Colours below.

    Mixing Colours Artwork:

    Brian Roger Eno Mixing Colours album cover artowrk

    Mixing Colours Tracklist:
    01. Spring Frost
    02. Burnt Umber
    03. Celeste
    04. Wintergreen
    05. Obsidian
    06. Blonde
    07. Dark Sienna
    08. Verdigris
    09. Snow
    10. Rose Quartz
    11. Quicksilver
    12. Ultramarine
    13. Iris
    14. Cinnabar
    15. Desert Sand
    16. Deep Saffron
    17. Cerulean Blue
    18. Slow Movement – Sand