Clutch Release Monsters, Machines, and Mythological Beasts Compilation Album: Stream

Digital LP collects songs from Clutch's discography that center around the title's themes

Clutch - Monsters Compilation LP
Clutch, photo by Melinda Oswandel

    Without any previous announcement, Clutch have just released a new compilation album called Monsters, Machines, and Mythological Beasts.

    The digital LP collects songs from throughout the band’s career that are centered around the themes mentioned in the album’s title. Tracks come from such Clutch albums as Robot Hive/Exodus, Book of Bad Decisions, Pitchfork & Lost Needles, Earth Rocker, Strange Cousins From the West, Live at the 9:30, Psychic Warfare, and Jam Room.

    “Many Clutch songs are inspired by, or make reference to, monsters, machines, and mythological beasts,” said Clutch frontman Neil Fallon. “That’s because my parents never allowed me to bring a copy of Heavy Metal magazine into their house. But I figured out some workarounds. I’m still doing the same.”


    The compilation is available via a variety of streaming and digital outlets, including the Spotify player below.

    Monsters, Machines, and Mythological Beasts Artwork:

    Clutch - Monsters

    Monsters, Machines, and Mythological Beasts Tracklist:
    01. 10001110101
    02. Ghoul Wrangler
    03. What Would a Wookie Do?
    04. Cyborg Bette
    05. Minotaur
    06. The Wolf Man Kindly Requests…
    07. Droid
    08. Behold the Colossus
    09. Sleestak Lightning
    10. Release the Kraken (Jr Version)