Just about two weeks into our nation-wide social distancing exercise, and we’re all probably starting to go a bit stir crazy. Thankfully, guitar manufacturer Fender is stepping in to give music fans three free months of lessons to help pass the time in isolation.

The company is offering free three-month subscriptions to the first 100,000 new subscribers to their Fender Play platform. Usually costing $9.99 a month (or $89.99 annually; £9.99 per month or £89.99 per year in the UK), the service provides instructional videos to teach guitar, bass, and ukulele based on a personal style preference and instrument choice.

Update: Due to popular demand, Fender has extended the offer to the first 500,000 new subscribers.

Now, some of us may be hoping this is all over in three months, but even if that’s the case, there’s no better time to learn a new skill then when you have no choice but to sit at home in practice. As Fender said in a statement, “We’re all going to be spending more time inside — so we might as well make some noise.”


“With everything happening in the world, music has the power to connect us,” Fender’s statement added. “We want to do our part to see you through…”

To sign up for the guitar lessons, head to the Fender Play website and get your free code. If stringed instruments aren’t your thing, you can download one of the free synthesizer apps being offered by Moog and Korg.