Self-isolation is exactly as much fun as it sounds, but a new browser extension can turn Netflix into a virtual movie theater for you and your friends. Netflix Party lets people all over the world sync their streams together and chat about whatever they’re watching, creating a communal viewing experience from the privacy of your quarantine quarters.

The third-party extension is free, but only available for Google’s Chrome browser. Besides the synced-up streaming, the big draw is the live sidebar chat, which allows viewers to react in real time. It’s a perfect place for some all-caps OMGs, or for all the snarky comments you’ve been wasting on the cat.

Currently, Netflix Party has over 500,000 users, and the novel coronavirus pandemic is likely to accelerate demand. The browser extension is available for download through the official website.


Elsewhere in the world, isolated people are doing everything they can to make connections, like when quarantined Italians sung together from their windows. And while the entertainment industry has ground to a halt — check out the updated list of closures here — artists are already adapting. The Metropolitan Opera is streaming shows for free, and artists like Neil Young, Chris Martin, and Ben Gibbard have livestreamed concerts from their own home.