Sonic Youth have shared live recordings of 12 concerts from various points of their career.

The cache of recordings include concerts at New York’s CBGB’s in 1988, San Francisco’s The Warfield in 1993, and Chicago’s Metro in 2002. There’s also a Daydream Nation concert as performed in Glasgow in 2007 and the band’s final US performance in Brooklyn in 2011.

All 12 concerts are available to stream and purchase digitally via Sonic Youth’s Bandcamp.

“Through the years and as the times changed we recorded our live shows as often as we could, on cassettes, DATs, CD-Rs and later on multi-track recorders,” said Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley of the band’s live archive. “We collected fan-generated audience tapes, shady bootlegs and anything we could get our hands on. We now maintain an archive of hundreds of hours of Sonic Youth concerts and we’d like to share some of our favorites.”

During a recent appearance on This Must Be the Gig, Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo revisited his early years in the band as well as his latest solo album. Listen below.


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