After making her live comeback at the Grammys and blowing the ramparts off the Super Bowl National Anthem, Demi Lovato is on a roll. She seems to have worked through the self-loathing of “Anyone”, and now the pop star has found a more empowering gear with the new single “I Love Me”.

The accompanying music video, directed by Hannah Lux Davis, is a dramatization of depression. Lovato lounges in her bed midday, pacing in her room with the curtains closed. Then Davis shows Lovato “beating up on myself,” as the lyrics put it, with the pop star facing off with a stunt double representing her dark side.

But this is an anthem of self-love, and after about a minute the singer vanquishes her own worst instincts and takes a step outside. The whole music video changes. No longer alone, Lovato finds herself surrounded by a loving community of strangers and friends, and the song ends with dancing in the streets. Check out “I Love Me” below.


Lovato recently appeared on Ellen to talk about the new single and explain how it’s partially a reflection of her road to recovery following last summer’s drug overdose scare. “We are good by ourselves,” the 27-year-old said. “We don’t need a partner, we don’t need substances. We’re good.”

This spring, Lovato will drop in on Netflix is a Joke Fest as a presenter, and tickets are available here.