The Killers Show “Caution” With Bathroom Performance on Kimmel: Watch

The bathroom acoustics sound great

The Killers Bathroom Caution Bathroom Jimmy Kimmel Live
The Killers on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

    Social distancing has brought musicians to strange new places. Case in point, during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Killers performed their latest single, “Caution”, in singer Brandon Flowers’ bathroom.

    Even the worst singer in the world sounds better in the shower. Flowers has the technical chops to take advantage of his bathroom’s acoustics, and it’s a treat to hear him whip his tenor through all that natural reverb. With Ronnie Vannuci, Jr. on guitar and Flowers on keys, The Killers controlled their volume to magnificent effect, building to peaks and backing subtly down, never losing the song’s energy but still giving that energy shape.

    The segment included a video chat with Flowers and Vannuci. Kimmel proceeded to pounce on Vannuci’s luscious beard, exactly the kind of the growth the CDC warned us to shave to protect against COVID-19. Vannuci said he was, “Remaining co-vigilent”  and showed viewers a small bottle of “rinse-free sanitizer.”


    Yesterday, The Killers shared the “Caution” music video, which they suggested was“the first glimpse of a longer film.”  The band’s new album Imploding the Mirage arrives May 19th. That same month they plan to kick off a massive world tour, and you can get tickets here.

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