COVID-19 Has Left Christopher Cross Temporarily Paralyzed

"I am unable to walk"

Christopher Cross Temporarily Paralyzed COVID-19 Coronavirus
Christopher Cross

    Christopher Cross is over the worst of COVID-19, but his bout with the novel coronavirus strain has left him temporarily paralyzed and “unable to walk.”

    The five-time Grammy winner tested positive for the coronavirus two weeks ago, and yesterday he provided an update in a letter to his fans. Cross wrote that he became “very ill, but fortunately I did not develop respiratory complications.”

    However, he’s now suffering from “intense muscle weakness” and “temporary paralysis of my legs.” He said,

    “Unfortunately as a consequence of COVID-19 other problems were caused. At present I am suffering from intense muscle weakness and a temporary paralysis of my legs — I am unable to walk. However, physicians have assured me that I will recover. I have already begun physical therapy and am optimistic about improving.”


    He ended the letter with a vow to return to his 40th anniversary tour as soon as health and circumstances allow. Read the full statement below.

    During the pandemic, as scientists perform the slow work of data collection and vaccine development, celebrities have become an unexpectedly valuable source of anecdotal information. The idea that COVID-19 may cause muscle weakness and even paralysis, as Christopher Cross experienced, will come as a surprise to many. Meanwhile, after she and Tom Hanks tested positive, Rita Wilson tried President Trump’s favored coronavirus treatment, the malaria drug chloroquine. The side effects were “extreme.” Other famous people haven’t been so lucky; just in the last 48 hours, the coronavirus has claimed the lives of Allen Daviau, cinematographer for Steven Spielberg, and jazz legend Lee Konitz.

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