GWAR have been trying to destroy this planet for more than 35 years, so it’s no wonder why CNN wanted to get their expertise during this global pandemic. Yes, that’s right, “The Most Trusted Name in News” reached out to the barbaric interplanetary warriors to see how they’re holding up during the current coronavirus crisis.

CNN reporter Rick Damigella caught up with Pustulus Maximus, who’s apparently situated in an unfrozen Antarctica. “This might not look like Antarctica — take a look around, it’s very green — but I swear to you, six months ago, this was all frozen tundra,” the guitarist said via video conference.

Pustulus then took the reporter to task for not acknowledging the band’s prominence, saying, “GWAR is the greatest band on earth, that you’ve never seen, apparently,” adding that the pandemic is a “very opportune time to not have to talk to anyone.”


Drummer JiZMak da Gusha also chimed in during the CNN report, stating, “Once this is all over, we want to kill you up close. We like it personal. We don’t want a pandemic to take you guys out. We need to work, too, and that’s our job.”

Prior to the pandemic, GWAR had been touring relentlessly behind their 2017 album, The Blood of Gods. As Pustulus mentioned in the CNN report, he believes a few of his bandmates are working on new music.

Watch the two-minute report from CNN’s Rick Damigella below, and be sure to stick around for his clever “GWAR-antine” pun during his sign-off.