Neil Young and his wife Daryl Hannah have unveiled the third “Fireside Session”. Unlike in the first and second videos, this time Young isn’t the only creature on camera. In fact, two adorable dogs conspire to make nearly every song about them.

The video, which can be viewed at the Neil Young Archives, opens with a smiling floof happily flouncing through the snow, rolling on its back and making doggie snow-angels. Later, a shaggy-haired music fan storms the stage during a stirring performance of “See the Sky About to Rain”. This unruly concert-goer is placated with assurances that they are a “good dog”, and later lays on the floor to hear dad play “Throw Your Hatred Down”, the 1995 collaboration with Pearl Jam.

Within the seven-song set, there are still a few dog-less musical moments. Young covers Buffalo Springfield’s “I Am the Child” and re-tools the CSNY cut “Helpless”. He closes the session with a haunting twilight rendition of “Already One” played at the fire pit outside. But it’s clear that Hannah and Young came into this video with a theme, and that theme is their two adorable fluff-monsters. As in earlier sessions, Young and Hannah run an advertisement for “Water: Earth’s finest product.” This time around it has visual aids of doggos drinking from bowls and frolicking in a shallow pond. Watch the full pawsome performance over at the Archives, and dig through the setlist below.


Earlier this week, Young shared a new, COVID-19-conscious version of “Shut It Down”. Later today he’ll be participating in Willie Nelson’s Digital Farm Aid.

New Mama
See the Sky About to Rain
I Am a Child (Buffalo Springfield cover)
Throw Your Hatred Down
World on a String
Helpless (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young)
Already One