It looks like The Weeknd is more of a jack of all trades than he originally let on. When the R&B singer isn’t winning Grammys for his albums or starring in critically acclaimed movies, apparently he’s busy wiggling his way into the TV industry. According to Deadline, The Weeknd plans to debut a new song in an upcoming episode of American Dad… which he also co-wrote, because of course he did.

The Weeknd broke the news by sharing a photo of himself next to Joel Hurwitz, one of the writers behind American Dad and Robot Chicken. “Me and this guy wrote an episode of American Dad,” he tweeted. “Also gonna play myself… kinda. MAY 4th!”

Season 16 of American Dad premieres on April 13th on TBS. Prepare to see The Weeknd’s name (or more likely his real name, Abel Makkonen Tesfaye) several times in the credits for that May 4th episode. There’s no word on what his new song is titled, nevermind what it will sound like, but one can hope it’s a self-parody of some kind.


Last month, The Weeknd released his eclectic new album, After Hours, as well as a deluxe edition featuring remixes from Lil Uzi Vert, Chromatics, and Oneohtrix Point Never. It’s already helping him continue his status as a certified hit-maker and earned him a spot on Saturday Night Live, too.

To celebrate the release of After Hours, The Weeknd is hitting the road for an extensive arena tour this summer. You can grab tickets to all of his upcoming concerts here.