Bruce Willis Wears Original Armageddon Suit to Save Us

Harry Stamper is back in action and ready to fight the Coronavirus

Bruce Willis Wears Armageddon Suit
Armageddon (Touchstone)

    Cue up the Aerosmith, Bruce Willis is dialing things back to Summer 1998. On Thursday, the blockbuster star waxed nostalgic amidst quarantine by dusting off his trademark orange jump suit from Michael Bay’s Armageddon.

    His daughter Rumer Willis, posted the hilarious photo on her Instagram, writing, “He said this is ‘His saving the [world] outfit’ (Actual one from Armageddon).” She also added an appropriate hashtag: “#ThisManIsADamnLegend.”

    Not gonna lie, it’s good seeing Harry Stamper back in action, particularly after he saved the world at the end there on that nasty asteroid. As you’ll see below, Willis is in true action star mode, too, and his eyes say it all: “Back off, Covid.”


    Here’s hoping he dusts off the Hudson Hawk hat next week.

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