Remember last year when CupcakKe said she was quitting the music industry because she was worried about “corrupting the youth” with her raunchy lyrics? Yeah, forget all that. The rapper is back today with her second new track of the year, “Lemon Pepper”, and it shows the Chicago MC back in full form.

Whereas March’s “Lawd Jesus” talked about her fighting “all my demons” to get back in the game, “Lemon Pepper” finds CupcakKe decked out in her freshest kit. “Might take a nap, make him eat it from the back/ Said he don’t do drugs but his tongue in my crack,” she spits at one point. “Let a dick hop, call Mona/ Legs boutta spread like Corona.” And then immediately after using the pandemic as a sexual simile, she drops bars about water sports (not the kind you played at summer camp) and comparing her vagina to Ruth Chris.

Oh, yea, CupcakKe’s back — but she’s older and wiser too. The track arrived just in time for her 22nd birthday (May 31st), and she’s giving half of all proceeds from the song to the Minneapolis Freedom Fund to help pay bail for those arrested during protests over George Floyd’s murder.


Stream “Lemon Pepper” below.