Jimmy Fallon Impersonates Nicolas Cage Playing Tiger King’s Joe Exotic: Watch

The Tonight Show host previews "sneak footage"of the forthcoming scripted series

Jimmy Fallon as Nicolas Cage as Tiger King on The Tonight Show
Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show (NBC)

    The idea of Jimmy Fallon impersonating Nicolas Cage playing Tiger King’s Joe Exotic reads like something an Internet algorithm made up. Alas, The Tonight Show host made it a reality on Tuesday night, capitalizing on the news of the forthcoming scripted series.

    Basically, it’s Fallon doing his best bar room gesticulation of Cage, only wearing all the Tiger King accoutrements. The bleach-blonde wig? Check. The ’90s Fleer Ultra shades? Check. The Spirit Halloween threads? Check. He even wrote a country song.

    Of course, this writer is well aware of the hypocrisy that he’s writing this up and promoting it. But, if you’re like him, and already convinced the world is teetering on the edge of destruction, then perhaps you’ll take joy in muting the video and simply imagining Fallon has lost his mind in isolation like we all have. Or, you can just laugh.


    Take your pick below.


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