The Academy May Postpone Oscars 2021: Report

An insider source says the ceremony will likely be delayed

The Oscars

    Not even the Oscars are immune from the ensuing pandemic. According to Variety, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences may postpone the 93rd Academy Awards, set to go down on February 28th of next year.

    “It’s likely they’ll be postponed,” a source told the publication, while also contending that any definitive plans are far from concrete.

    Not surprisingly, the Academy declined to comment. Back in April, they announced that films released digitally can qualify to compete, a drastic amendment from their prior requirement of films having a seven-day theatrical release in Los Angeles County.


    However, with the entire industry still in flux — from production to distribution — it’s still unclear what films will even be released before year’s end. That uncertainty no doubt weighs heavily on the current outcome of the ceremony.

    Should the ceremony be postponed, it’s unclear what other new rules might have to be put into effect, particularly the eligibility window that would have to be extended for titles that were released in 2020.

    Fun times.

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