The winter holidays tend to whiz by like a blur, and yet Januarys always seem to last forever. Because of this pandemic, the concept of time is again eluding those of us in lockdown, including The Streets mastermind Mike Skinner. Today, he voices his quarantine frustrations on the aptly titled “Where the F*ck Did April Go”.

Skinner here takes a more ambient approach to his catharsis, his reflections quietly unfurled over cool and soft keyboard chords. In addition to tensions with a loved one, he laments the ruining of summer and how his “10,000 steps” have to all be done inside his flat.

“I wrote this last week. It’s a weird time isn’t it,” The Streets rapper remarked in a statement. We were looking forward to the Summer just like everyone else, festivals and gigs all there, new music, new stage set – but this has taken the wind from everyone’s sails. And none of us know quite how to cope with it all. I just wrote a tune the same way other people might talk to a therapist!”


Stream “Where the F*ck Did April Go” below.

This new song serves as the B-side to The Streets’ Tame Impala collaboration, “Call My Phone Thinking I’m Doing Nothing Better”, from last month. However, it’s being released as a standalone track and won’t appear on None of Us are Getting Out of This Life Alive, The Streets’ forthcoming mixtape that’s due July 10th.