Ben Folds Crams All of “2020” into New Song: Stream

"Plenty left to wreck, we got six months left"

Ben Folds 2020 new song stream
Ben Folds, photo by Joe Vaughn

    It’s honestly amazing how crazy this year has been. Remember murder hornets? In case you forgot, Ben Folds has shared a new song called “2020” that does its best to sum up the true disaster that’s been the last six months.

    The track is a very Folds-ian piano ballad that sounds like it could have come from his Songs for Silverman era. “2020” captures the sentiment that this year has felt somehow longer than anything we’ve experienced before, repeating the question, “How many years will we try to cram into one?”

    “You thought we’d be living 1918 again/ But we messed that up so bad, God had to toss 1930 in,” Fold sings as he compares each of 2020’s upheavals to one from the past. “As the sun rose on 1968 this morning/ A tweet from the John; please let’s not add the Civil War.”


    Folds has always been great at giving tragedy a touch of humor, so “2020” — both the actual year and the song — is kind of his sweet spot. Take a listen below.

    A press release notes that since his orchestral tour was postponed during the pandemic, Folds has been working on songs for a new album. His last solo LP was 2008’s Way to Normal, followed by the Ben Folds Five reunion album The Sound of the Life of the Mind in 2012 and his yMusic collaboration So There in 2015.

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