Kamasi Washington, Robert Glasper, Terrace Martin, and 9th Wonder have released their debut self-titled album as Dinner Party. Stream it below via Apple Music and Spotify.

In a press release, the band’s origin story is explained as the intersection of authentic connection and musical camaraderie. “Dinner Party is years of friendship, shows, dinners, conversations, laughs and life experience, all converging into one moment,” it reads. “Dinner Party is a metaphor — a group, a project, a spirit, an imprint of time — and also the name of the album… Dinner Party is invite only, but it’s for everyone.”

The supergroup of neo-jazz virtuosos and hip-hop producers was unveiled several weeks ago by way of “Freeze Tag”, their lead single. While Dinner Party is only seven songs long, it takes its time unfurling, roving through all corners of jazz while keeping an experimental eye towards the way in which it can be filtered. Needless to say, it’s best to listen to this collaboration front to back.


Take a listen to Dinner Party’s first record below.

Dinner Party Artwork:

Kamasi Washington, Robert Glasper, Terrace Martin, and 9th Wonder are Dinner Party, Artwork by Amani Washington

Dinner Party Tracklist:
01. Sleepless Nights (feat. Phoelix)
02. Love You Bad (feat. Phoelix)
03. From My Heart and My Soul (feat. Phoelix)
04. First Responders
05. The Mighty Tree
06. Freeze Tag (feat. Phoelix)
07. LUV U