Raffi Shares Ode to “Portland Moms” in New Black Lives Matter Protest Song: Stream

Beloved children's singer stands in solidarity with protesters in Portland

Raffi portland wall of moms protest song
Raffi, photo via Rounder Records

    Who woulda thought the musician behind “Bananaphone” would be the one giving the Wall of Moms their own theme? Beloved children’s singer Raffi has shared a new song called “Portland Moms” in support of the ongoing Portland protests against police violence and racial injustice.

    Set to the tune of the folk standard “Buffalo Gals”, Raffi calls for Portland Moms, Black Lives Matter, and the Wall of Vets to “come out tonight by the light of the silvery moon” and be “strong and peaceful.” He’s joined on the jaunty protest song by Lindsay Munroe and Ivan Rosenberg. Together, they “stand in solidarity” with the Portland, Oregon protesters currently dealing with unmarked federal troops Trump has sent in against the wishes of local government.

    “In solidarity with #BlackLivesMattter, a tribute to the heroic protests vs injustice in Portland and elsewhere,” Raffi wrote in a tweet revealing “Portland Moms”. “An idea that woke me up 3 am, now recorded. thanks to @LinzMunroe (vocals) and Ivan Rosenberg (dobro). #PortlandMoms #ResistFascism #FloydGeorge.”


    Listen to Raffi’s “Portland Moms” below.

    This isn’t Raffi’s only recent protest songs. Last September, he shared “Young People Marching” in honor of Greta Thunberg and all the younger generations fighting for the climate.