Add Tywin Lannister to the list of those “disappointed” by Game of Thrones’ ending. In an interview with Pop Cultureactor Charles Dance was asked about remaking the final season, and said, “Well if there was a petition, I would sign it.”

HBO’s beloved fantasy series ended in a controversy over quality — for cast and crew as well as audiences. It was such a divisive season that fans started a petition to remake the entire thing, a move series star Sophie Turner called “disrespectful.” An HBO boss rejected that petition, while Nikolaj Coster-Waldau argued that the 32 Emmy nominations “validate the writing.” Still, one GoT director said the series finale felt “really rushed,” and many viewers agree to this day: that fan petition has surpassed 1.8 million signatures.

Dance seemed unaware of any existing petitions when he offered to sign, and he was quick to praise other aspects of the show. He said, “I continued to watch the whole series even after I’d been killed off in the lavatory,” before adding,

“Because I just thought it’s a fantastic television show, you know? I was very lucky to be part of it. I loved it; there were storylines [where] I wanted to know what was going to happen to these people! I know that the finale satisfied a lot of people. It also disappointed a lot of people, and I’m afraid I am in the latter camp.”


Dance ended his wintery discourse on Game of Thrones by drawing a distinction between what he thought creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss were capable of, and how their thrilling epic came to an end. “I think David and Dan raised the bar when it came to television screenplay writing,” he said. “They are phenomenal. And for the whole thing to end up as a committee, I just thought, ‘Hmm, no.’ I would say I was somewhat underwhelmed by.”

Although Game of Thrones the TV show has finished, the storyline will continue to develop. HBO has ordered a prequel, House of the Dragon, which hopes to arrive in 2022. Besides that, author George R. R. Martin is still penning the source material. His newest book The Winds of Winter is unsurprisingly late; Martin is so past his promised deadline that fans actually have “permission to imprison” him.

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