Steel Panther to Play Two Drive-In Concerts in September

The glam-metal band is also delivering a livestream performance on August 16th

Steel Panther Drive-In Shows
Steel Panther, coutresy of PFA Media

    Steel Panther are the first notable metal band to announce that they will be playing drive-in concerts in the United States. The comedic glam-metal band will rock a pair of Pennsylvania gigs in Pittsburgh and Scranton on September 11th and 12th, respectively.

    As you can see from their appearance on the show flyer (below), Steel Panther are certainly embracing the idea of the drive-in shows, which they’ve dubbed the “Loud Cars and Fast Guitars Tour”. The Starlite Drive-In (Pittsburgh) and Circle Drive-In (Scranton) typically host movies, but will accommodate heavy metal for a night as drive-in concerts become viable alternatives for live music during the pandemic — unless it’s The Chainsmokers in the Hamptons, where everything was a a mess.

    “Bring your hot rod and hot dates to the concert event of the weekend,” the band stated in a press release. “This ain’t your momma’s NASCAR. This is Steel Panther live and out of our cage in Los Angeles. You’re welcome Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the local government has informed us that it is totally ILLEGAL to attend this concert naked. They blamed COVID; so please STILL wear a mask when you’re around strangers!”


    The hair-metal band’s live on-stage performance will also be projected on the movie screen, with audio piping through the outdoor PA and car stereos via FM transmitter to “help to keep all attendees socially and sexually distant.”

    Intent on staying active through the pandemic, Steel Panther will also be hosting their “Rockdown in the Lockdown” livestream performance for all those who aren’t in Pennsylvania. The stream takes place at 5:00 p.m. ET / 2:00 p.m. PT on August 16th from the “ultra-sanitized, production-filled, multi-camera Drum Channel Studio in Oxnard, California.”

    The stream promises music performances, a live chat with the band, and sketch comedy bits interspersed throughout the show. Tickets for the stream are $15 and available from the band.


    Ticket information for the drive-in shows can be found on Steel Panther’s website. Check out the tour poster below.

    Steel Panther Drive-In Tour

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