Electronic Music Duo Autechre Announce New Album SIGN

First standard-length album in seven years arrives next month

Autechre, photo courtesy of artist

    Veteran electronic music outfit Autechre are set to return with a new album this fall. Dubbed SIGN, it’s due out October 16th through longtime label Warp Records.

    The forthcoming effort follows the duo’s NTS Sessions, a collection of music broadcast during Autechre’s NTS Radio residency in 2018, as well as elseq 1-5 from 2016, a record comprised of five 50-minute segments. Per a statement, with a running time just a little over an hour, SIGN marks the British group’s first standard-length album since Exai from way back in 2013.

    SIGN contains a total of 11 songs. Among them are titles such as “M4 Lema”, “Metaz form8”, “gr4”, and “psin AM”, all seemingly strange and nonsensical, as is usually the case for Autechre’s Rob Brown and Sean Booth.


    Further album details are still under wraps, but the circular artwork and full tracklist can be found below. SIGN is also up for pre-order here.

    SIGN Artwork:


    SIGN Tracklist:
    01. M4 Lema
    02. F7
    03. si00
    04. esc desc
    05. au14
    06. Metaz form8
    07. sch.mefd 2
    08. gr4
    09. th red a
    10. psin AM
    11. r cazt