David Lynch is not an easy nut to crack. The auteur has long preferred to keep things close to the chest, leaving fans and followers to fend for themselves in his proverbial forests. The latest soul to venture out of Lynch’s Red Room is filmmaker Patrick Brice, who has recorded a full-length commentary track on Lynch’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.

Brice is no stranger to creating strange and wonderful worlds. As the writer and filmmaker behind both Creep and The Overnight, he knows a thing or two about getting under people’s skin. So, hearing him dissect Lynch’s labyrinthine feature is nothing short of a delight. He also gets truly personal as he weighs in on how the film changed his career.

It’s all part of Paul Davidson’s new podcast series The Side Track, which offers commentary tracks from filmmakers, producers, writers, actors and film fanatics on the films that shaped their lives. In addition to Brice, he’s already recorded commentary tracks with Matt Spicer (Blow Out), Brett Haley (Inside Llewyn Davis), Eddie Schmidt (UHF), and more.


Stream the full episode below and subscribe to the series now. If you’re looking to stay in the woods with Lynch, be sure to revisit our exhaustive guide on his filmography and our dizzying array of Twin Peaks op-eds, lists, and features.

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