Paul Rudd always commits to great bits, especially ones that happen to save lives. On Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo shared a PSA video of the blockbuster Ant-Man star urging “us millennials” to wear face masks to fight COVID-19.

Wearing a ludicrous mustard getup and a schmaltzy New York hat, Rudd hilariously tries to level with the youngsters. “So Cuomes asks me, he’s like, ‘Paul, you’ve got to help. What are you, like, 26?’ And I didn’t correct him,” he says. “So, fam, let’s real-talk. Masks, they’re totally beast. So slide that into your DMs and Twitch it.”

After shredding a double neck guitar, Rudd continues, “Vibe check! Yass Queens, like ourselves, we want to go to bars, we want to drink, hook up, do our TikToks, I get it,” Rudd pleads, holding a super cool football. “I’m not gonna preach at you like some celebrity. Ugh. This is a convo, where I talk, and you shut up and wear a mask.”


From there, Rudd calls up Billie Eilish (“What’s that? You’re wearing your mask? Man, I want to stan you. You’re so my bae!”), slings a boom box over his shoulder (“Yo, listen hype beasts! Masks protect you and your dank squad!”), and produces his own TikTok video (“You want a challenge? How about a Stop the Pandemic Challenge?”)

The two-minute PSA was produced by Hot Ones masterminds First We Feast, who Rudd clearly took a liking to after his series-best appearance on the series that spawned a meme. Then again, this is all second nature for Rudd, who initially cut his teeth with the Stella crowd and gave us Tane on Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job.

Watch the video below and follow Rudd’s advice by getting yourself a face mask. In related news, Rudd will soon face off Lovecraft Country star Jonathan Majors, who has been cast as Kang in the next Ant-Man sequel. Before that, however, he’ll have to fend off the paranormal in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, due out in March 2021.

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