Possessor Trailer Promises Body-Swapping Tension: Watch

From the mind of Brandon Cronenberg...

Sundance Possessor Film Review
Possessor (Elevation Pictures)

    One of the more talked-about genre films out of this year’s Sundance Film Festival was Possessor. The latest feature from Brandon Cronenberg — yes, the son of that Cronenberg — hits select theaters and in drive-ins on October 9th. Today, Neon has dropped a brand new trailer that promises an uncut version of the film.

    Featuring an A-list cast that includes Andrea Riseborough, Christopher Abbott, Sean Bean, and Jennifer Jason Leigh, the film follows corporate assassins who use brain implants to transfer their minds into other bodies to go after high-profile targets.

    In his Sundance review, our own Clint Worthington wrote, “Like the best of his father’s works, Possessor is meant to provoke and prod at our deepest notions of self and our insecurities about the fleshy meat-bags we find ourselves living in day to day.”


    Hold on to your conscience and watch the trailer below.